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Interview with Sébastien Jaeggers

- Could you introduce yourself briefly?

I’m Sébastien, an independent Cameraman / editor / director. Aaaaaaaaaction!

- Tell us about your career (Your education, professional experiences…)

On the professional side, I worked for various production companies as a production assistant, production manager, camera operator and director of several programs.
As for the technique, I learned a lot «on the job», within various production companies, before actually taking adult classes in an audiovisual school near Paris.
I’m now an independent Cameraman / editor / director. I mostly shoot institutional, corporate, motor sports and hotel related films to be displayed on the web.
My company:

- Who’s your hero? Is he a film maker?

I don’t really have a hero but I admire a few people because of their life achievements or professional skills. When it comes to images, I’m thinking of David Fincher or Martin Scorcese (well, until Casino), exceptional film makers, who know how to infuse a very unique and identifiable atmosphere and tension. I also share Scorsese’s passion for the Stones and Mick Jagger’s talent.
A great man? Winston Churchill, probably the greatest man of the 20th century.

- How did you hear about TVtrip?

For the past 2 years, I’ve been working as an independent videast and offering to hotels a way to promote their building through videos…That’s TVtrip’s speciality! A perfect match! I have an eye on TVtrip’s fantastic expansion and the creation of your Premium service for some time now. Sending some of my work to TVtrip seemed natural. Then, I met Marc Ruff, your CEO to who I am deeply grateful for the trust he put in me.

- Since when have you been working with us? And what do you do exactly?

Thanks to Melodie’s help, a Shooting Planner at TVtrip, I had the opportunity to shoot my first film for TVtrip in May 2012. It was a hotel near «Château de Vincennes». My goal as a cameraman on that kind of project is to seize what the hotel has best to offer in order to encourage people to book there. I also have to provide TVtrip’s editors with enough content for them to choose the best angles and shots.

- What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

I use a Canon DSLR camera for its optical qualities. I like the way the focus works and its «cinema-like» image. Thanks to that it overcomes its lack of ergonomy, it’s a lot less convenient to shoot with than a real video camera. I also use a slider, essential to put some motion into the images, of course a camera stand and occasionally a Steadicam to stabilize the camera.

- What are the next shootings you’ll be on ?

Lately, I filmed Parisian historical monuments, beginning with The Louvre, Orsay Museum and Notre Dame (how lucky I am, right?). If everything goes for the best I should shoot the Opera Garnier in a few days (if the weather is good enough). Actually, I would like to seize the opportunity here to thank Camille, Video Project Manager at TVtrip, for her professionalism and efficiency.

- Is there an anecdote you would like to share with us ?

The weather has been changing a lot these last few days in Paris… During the Louvre shooting, it was raining so I shot the insides first and took some time during the Orsay Museum shooting to come back to the Louvre for its exteriors, hoping for the sun to come… it never did, despite the few hours spent waiting on the esplanade.

- Tell us about the worst thing that ever occured during a shooting ?

I’m knocking on wood but so far I’ve never had major problems… except for the bout of vertigo I’ve been struck by when I was filming on the Notre Dame towers. But it was worth the thrill, and I’d be more than enthusiastic to climb back there tomorrow if I had to.

- One last word ?

Light, camera, action!

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