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At TVtrip, we get our energy from travelers whose desire to see and explore the world and we’d be nothing without them. Every traveler is important to us and each one has a story to tell but it is undisputable there is another community of “super travelers” that we can’t ignore. Those who have dedicated their lives to travelling; most of them quit their jobs with no plans to return, some went away with someone they love, while others left on their own. These modern day explorers are better known as: Travel Bloggers. Their way of life is unique and they thankfully decided to write down and share their stories.

Here are some of our favorites that we would like to share with you!

Brendan Van Son’s perpetual Adventure: «the world is my jungle gym»

It’s been three years since this Latin America specialist left home in Alberta, Canada. He got tired of seeing the world through books and decided it was time for him to hit the road.

Read the story here: BrendansAdventures

Claire and Iain’s Old World Wandering:

A blog by travelers for travelers. After leaving South Africa for London they started to feel stuck in the city. They bought a world map and after watching it for a while Lain drew a line across it; a line they chose to follow, from London to Shanghai.

Everything that happened next is here: OldWorldWandering

Wandering Educators: Traveling together

Wandering educators is a community of higher education professors sharing their experiences with whoever wants to read their stories. They often give good advice and the fact that they are «educators» gives them a natural credibility. The number of authors also increases the interest of the site as it increases the diversity of topics they address.

Join the team here: WanderingEducators

Because all of us aren’t adventurers: GoNomad

GoNomad is another «communitary» blog. The authors’ only wish is to facilitate the traveler’s life (just like us at TVtrip!) by providing them tips to plan their trips.

Benefit from their experiences by reading GoNomad

Raise the traveler inside you with Lainie and Miro

On RaisingMiro you can follow the wanderings of Lainie and her son Miro across the globe. They hit the road in 2009 ago when Miro was only 10. It wasn’t always easy especially when it came to choosing between exploring the world and going to school… so they chose world-schooling!

We echanged a few words with some members of this big family (lots of bloggers know eachothers actually) here’s what they told us about themselves and their motivations:

Becky Padmore from, a multi author travel tips and inspiration site:

« I was a former backpacker (back in the days before travel blogging) and I used to love writing about my experiences. When I met my husband he was a keen travel photographer and website designer so starting a travel blog together seemed to make perfect sense! We expanded the site when quite a few of our travel writing friends also wanted to get on board and it grew from there. »

Suzy Guese, author of Suzy Guese, Traveling with a redheaded temperament :

« After my first flight at three months old to experience the magical world of Disney in Orlando, a traveler was born. From family car trips across North America to stints abroad in Europe, my love of travel grew to an addiction, specifically for Italy. I tossed my coin in the Trevi Fountain and kept coming back to keep up my promise to the Italian boot. After studying in college in Italy for over a year, I graduated and made travel my profession. I started my travel blog Suzy GueseTraveling with a redheaded temperament, to showcase travel as an experiential necessity. Young, old, solo, popular, broke, rich, travel is all the same to me no matter how you go about it. I just want people to be moved by my stories, rants, sarcasm and tips to get out and the see the world no matter how they go about it. »

Guido J. van den Elshout the Happy Hotelier

I became a blogger by accident because the guy who helped me set up out site for Haagsche Suites ( started one and asked me to become a co author.Later I started one of my own and now I contribute to several blogs.
First: Because I’m a people person. Through Haagsche Suites, my blogging, curating and involvement with social media I come into contact with many people from around the world. Many of them I’ve met IRL (in real life) from time to time.

Second: I’ve been able to make people aware of Haagsche Suites, attract not only many guests, but also journalists and bloggers who visit or write a review. The question for me was how to attract attention to Haagsche Suites without being too intrusive.

Third: It’s a way to bring some order in my many interests, and to share my discoveries (and sometimes thoughts) with whoever wants to read them. Curating is a good description of what I do.

Fourth: My online activities help me stay informed about trends in the travel industry and the technical and behavioral changes that affect the Internet which is increasingly important for my business.

Samuel A.K.A. NomadicSamuel

Travel has been my passion for the better part of my adult life.  In recent years, I’ve taken more of an avid interest in photography and writing.  I realized after my previous journeys many experiences that were not recorded slipped away from my memory over time.  Also, I felt a strong desire to connect with other like minded individuals and share my travels with my family, friends and hopefully an audience I had never met before in person.  It simply was a no-brainer decision and was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my entire life.  I met my girlfriend (That Backpacker) through our travel blogs and I’m excited to see what the future holds for us as we set off early next year on an around the world adventure together.

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  1. Louisa T. Says:

    Inspiring! I knew some of those blogs like Happy Hotelier and Raising Miro but thanks for telling me about the others. It’s always pleasant to follow people filled with so much energy.

  2. Happy Hotelier Says:

    Thanks for the mention Geoffrey….a small piece of advice if I may:

    Where can I find the background of your blog contributors here on the site? Usually it is the first I look for as I’m that peoples person;-)

    More importantly the link to the blog or community should be easier to find on your front page.



  3. Geoffrey Says:

    Thanks a lot Louisa, we realy apreciate your comments.
    Make sure to check the blog again soon for further releases!

  4. Geoffrey Says:

    Hi Guido,

    Thanks for your comment. All articles are written by TVtrip staff members, mostly me those days.

  5. Brendan van Son Says:

    Thanks for the mention! I appreciate the love!

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    tnx for info!!…

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