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TVtrip Secret Paris pt.1

Have you ever wished to befriend a local while visiting a new city? Someone who could show you each and every secret or hidden places that you’d probably pass by without noticing if you were on your own?

As you may know, half of our staff is based in Paris, the so-called «city of lights». Most of us grew somewhere between the Louvres and the Sacré Coeur, some others have been here for several years and a few lucky ones just arrived and are still struck with surprise every time they see the Eiffel Tower. Last week after an exhausting day of work, we gathered around a table to discuss everyone’s favorite spot in Paris. Here’s a selection of what came out of this.

Le Baron Rouge, 1 Rue Théophile Roussel – 75012 Paris

Richard, Account Manager

Le Baron Rouge is a friendly wine bar where you can either savour a glass of great wine and a tasty plate of cold meat or fill your own empty bottle with the wine of your choice to bring home. The place is quite small -people are sitting on old-fashioned barrels- and when it starts running out of space, they all often end up standing on the side walk, chatting with each other and eating oysters (the other Baron Rouge’s specialty).

Richard’s Tip: «Get there early! (However, don’t expect to wake up early the morning after) »

Le Potager du Père Thierry, 16, Rue des trois frères – 75018 Paris.

Camille, Video Project Manager

Located in the touristic area of Montmartre, this tiny restaurant will surprise you with its authentic cuisine. The place is so small that they sometimes make you sit across the street in a place called «Le Jardin d’en-face» (the garden across the street). The interior is decorated with scarecrows, which gives it a little touch of countryside. This restaurant is a real family-business; if you look behind the ivy hiding the kitchen, you’ll find a father and his son cooking while the ladies take the orders in the restaurant.

Camille’s Tip: «Try the ”egg en cocotte” with foie gras. It’s stunning!»

Les P’tites Indécises, 2 rue des Trois Bornes, 75011 Paris.

Sabrina, Social Media Manager

This restaurant remained «secret» for a while as bloggers avoided to write about it. They feared to see the place crowded in just a blink! With its big terrace and its attractive prices (±30€ for a three course meal), les P’tites Indécises is the perfect place for a first date: not too intimate (so you don’t scare your date), not too expensive (so you won’t get a call from your banker) and still very tasty!

Sabrina’s Tip: «Bringing a date isn’t mandatory, just enjoy the sunny terrace, the good food and the laid back atmosphere!»

Edo 18, 82 rue Leibnitz 75018 Paris.

Shoun, Back-Office and Distribution Manager
Forget the Europeanized Japanese food chains mushrooming over Paris. We’re talking about real Japanese food here. A couple holds the restaurant, Mister cooks while his wife makes the service. Edo 18 is a micro restaurant where 15 people can hardly dine at the same time. When it comes to Japanese food, who can advise you better than a real Japanese? Aside from the sushis and makis you’ll find a selection of fine traditional dishes that are worth been given a shot.

Shoun’s Tip: «Try saying “Thank you” to the waitress and see what happens…»

La coulée verte, Paris XII

Steve, Vice-President North America

La coulée verte (the green corridor) is a pathway that goes through the 12th arrondissement of Paris. It is filled with plants of all kinds and spared from the traffic noise. If you take this pass you’ll probably walk by joggers, people walking their dogs and new parents with strollers. This piece of heaven is also a great spot for a romantic picnic.

Steve’s Tip: «La coulée verte is 4,5km long, my favorite place is near the Opera Bastille.»

Le Jardin des Tuilleries

Alice, Head of Planning

This place is all but secret but it’s a must see! This vast garden in the heart of Paris is located between the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde. Its proximity to the Louvre gives it a certain artistic legitimacy; it’s filled with ancient statues and often hosts modern art pieces. The Musée du Jeu de Paume, which is famous for its photo exhibitions, is located in one of the garden’s villas. During summer you’ll find children sailing small wooden ships in its fountains and a carnival!

Alice’s Tip: «I like staying there at night with my friends until the Eiffel Tower starts sparkling»

To be continued…

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  1. caroline Says:

    I miss so much Paris!!!

    Like Alice, the best thing to do in Paris, is staying on a bridge or in a parc, until the night wherever you are and admire the eiffel tower shining !

    Paris stays the best city of the world

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