About TVtrip

  1. What is TVtrip?

  2. How much does it cost to use?

About the hotels

  1. Can you help with my hotel reservation?

  2. Why is my destination not covered by TVtrip?

  3. Why is there no hotel video alongside the description of the hotel?

  4. Why is the price on TVtrip not the price I see when I proceed to book the room?

  5. Why is the hotel price displayed in one currency on TVtrip but in another when I proceed to book the room?

  6. How is the overall Traveler rating calculated?

  7. How is the hotel popularity calculated?

Technical issues

  1. Why can’t I see any videos on TVtrip?

  2. Why do videos on TVtrip not play continuously?

  3. My browser does not seem to work well for TVtrip

  4. Once I check the boxes to open booking partner sites, nothing happens

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