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TVtrip is a search engine for hotels that uses unbiased videos filmed by us to help you make the right hotel choice. TVtrip displays videos of all hotel facilities and room categories, as well as detailed information and videos about the surrounding area. With TVtrip, you can find the best prices from multiple trusted booking partners to complete your booking. TVtrip is proud user of data from GeoNames creative commons geographical database.

Who is TVtrip?

TVtrip was created in 2007 by travel and Internet experts with backgrounds in companies such as Expedia, Air France, Lufthansa, Microsoft and Lycos and is based in Paris, Munich and Brussels. TVtrip is a start-up managed by a team of young professionals who share a passion for the web. Please visit our Team page. We are funded by Balderton Capital, Partech International and Idinvest Partners.

Why TVtrip?

TVtrip is a new kind of website that uses video to provide travelers with the transparency they need when planning a trip. Who hasn’t felt a bit lost trying to pick a hotel, with little information and no visuals to help? Or disappointed by a hotel room that doesn’t live up to the impression it made when it was reserved? We created TVtrip.com to give people a true, objective idea of a hotel before making a reservation- we like to show you everything so that you can check out your hotel before you check-in. We do not alter the videos in any way and all our videos have been shot by TVtrip professionals rather than by the hotels themselves. We also include videos of local attractions such as restaurants and landmarks alongside other local information, as well as guest reviews to help you make the right hotel choice for you.

What’s next?

TVtrip cameramen are currently busy filming more hotels in top destinations around the world to add to our site. We are working on several new features to ensure that you have got the most relevant information to help plan your trip and to share this information easily with friends. The site is currently available in five languages- English, French, Spanish, German and Italian- with more to be added in the near future.

We would love to have your feedback on TVtrip, please contact us.

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